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"New Nuevo" is a bilingual Children's book written in English and Spanish filled with absolutely beautiful illustrations by Marissa Hernandez. It is a nonfiction piece that does not tell any one person's story, but rather highlights the fact that going new places and trying new things IS scary for all of us. And that we can all find ways to be brave and press on toward newness-- children and adults alike. 

Meet the Author


I'm so glad you're here.

Hello! I'm Lindsey. A wife, mother, former educator, and now author. My first book, "New Nuevo" is out now and available to purchase here or on Amazon. Some of my passions include advocating for Autism and disability acceptance, destigmatizing mental health, and enjoying nature. I find ways to include these passions in my writing; hopefully reaching the right people and shedding light on inclusivity along the way. 


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